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There's a variety of volunteer committees, including the Board of Directors ... one or more may be right for you.

Contact any Board member or call the office at 332-0560 for more information.

Our Committees

The Association is headed by a volunteer Board of Directors who are legally responsible for the Association's operation. Directors are elected by the members of the Association at a general meeting and serve a two year term. A full roster would be 15 directors but, due to turnover etc., 12 or 13 is more common. The Board's responsibility is to monitor the operation of the Association and to create and/or modify policies accordingly. Since the Board does not have the time or the expertise necessary to manage the day-to-day operation of the organization, it assigns this responsibility to an Executive Director. For more information about the election and responsibilities of Directors, please go to the Directors page.

The Executive Director reports directly to the Board and is also a non-voting member of the Board itself and of all committees. The Executive Director may, and usually does, attend all meetings unless excluded by a concensus of the Board.

The officers are elected by the Board from among their own members and consist of a President, a Vice-president, a Secretary and a Treasurer although the last two positions may, if necessary, be combined and the person is then called the Secretary-Treasurer. There is also a Past-president position that is not elected.

The Board normally meets monthly between September and June. The annual general meeting must be held within eight months of the fiscal year-end, which is March 31. Board meetings are not usually public since issues of a confidential nature sometimes arise. Guests may attend by pre-arrangement, providing there's room, but may be asked to leave if sensitive issues are to be discussed.

Standing committees consist of at least one Board member plus the President and the Executive Director (who are ex-officio members of all committees) and appropriate members of the public and staff. They normally meet monthly but each committee determines its own exact schedule so long as it meets the needs of the Board itself. They have a one-year term, i.e. they are evaluated each year by the new Board and their mandates may or may not be extended. At the present time, the standing committees are: