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Donating...How and Why

Donations and gifts to Community Living Sarnia-Lambton can take many different forms and can be used in almost any way you specify. Since Community Living is registered as a charitable institution, gifts can be income-tax-deductible.

Some ways of giving:

If you wish your donation to be used for a particular person, it's important that you talk to senior staff at Community Living and possibly with a lawyer or financial consultant who is familiar with the Ontario Disabilities Support Programme (ODSP). Contravening the regulations could mean that the person might lose her/his allowance, which can be difficult to reinstate if it should ever become necessary. Donations in support of one of Community Living's services, programmes, residences or workshops, or to benefit a number of clients are usually safe. Again, talk to the Executive Director, the Controller or another senior staff person to ensure the maximum benefit of your gift.

If needed, senior staff can advise you about a lawyer and/or a financial expert that we know have experience with charitable institutions and disability benefits. You may also find it helpful to look at the 'Leave a Legacy' web site for more ideas and information.