Services Information

Our services emphasize your:

  • Independence
  • Inclusion in our community
  • Choice

We can provide you with assistance and supports on an individualized basis in accordance with your needs, wishes, abilities and aspirations; which will be adjusted, as and when required, to respond to your changing needs and choices. You will be encouraged to exercise your rights and direct your own life.

We will work to ensure that you have access to your community, including an education, a home life of your choosing, opportunities to do meaningful work and engage in recreational activities of your choice.

To ensure the highest quality services we adhere to the following service principles and goals within all of our supports and services:

Service Principles and Goals

We will promote full participation in the community by:

  • Working to remove barriers to participation, such as: poverty, physical barriers, transportation, housing, dependency on others, etc. 
  • Seeking opportunities for ‘real pay for real work’ for people who want employment.  
  • Encouraging participation in all aspects of living, playing and working in the community.
  • Seeking opportunities whereby individuals can become contributing members of society

We will promote individualized planning and supports by:

  • Basing them on individualized choices, needs and desires. 
  • Pursuing pro-active and creative service planning initiatives in achieving personal outcomes. 
  • Recognizing that opportunities to succeed may come with the inherent risk of failure.

We will empower people in service by:

Assisting people in making responsible and informed decisions.

  • Assisting in developing strategies that promote independence
  • Facilitating natural supports 
  • Using positive behaviour management approaches

We will partner with individuals and their families by:

  • Ensuring supports are a shared responsibility among parents, siblings, friends, and CLSL
  • Ensuring family diversities are respected

We will partner with the community by:

  • Ensuring a range of quality services through cooperative planning in the county.
  • Developing strategic partnerships and network opportunities 
  • Encouraging community groups, individuals and families who have never been involved with community living, to become engaged in its efforts. 

We will endeavor to ensure quality of service by:

  • Regularly reviewing its policies and procedures
  • Regularly reviewing the effectiveness of its supports and services 
  • Developing and implementing Human Resource strategies that build a strong and exemplary staff team.

We will act in a manner that is fiscally responsible to the community and its taxpayers.

We will:

  • Develop strategies to enhance CLSL's visibility and to create a full understanding of our accomplishments and our challenges.  
  • Build on areas of strength and improve on any areas of weakness. 
  • Perform service reviews to endeavor to ensure that the way services are delivered is appropriate for both the current and anticipated future need in our community.

Community Living Sarnia-Lambton’s employment model has been shared and adopted by other communities across Ontario and even internationally.

Vision: A community where everyone is valued and can participate.

Volunteers are the bridge between the community and the services that we provide

Community Living Sarnia-Lambton has grown to support more than 400 children and adults with developmental and intellectual challenges.