Community Participation Support

Community Participation Support

Being involved in community life creates opportunities for new experiences and interests, the potential to develop friendships and the ability to contribute to the community. An inter-dependant life, where people with and without a disability are connected, enriches all our lives.

If you want to have greater choice and create greater independence by developing new skills and being included in community activities, we can help.  Maybe you don’t know where or how to get started? We can work with you to help determine where your likes, desires and interests. Your options are endless!  

We’re here to help you get connected – here are a few ideas that you might be interested in:

  • Participating in community activities, groups, associations, or clubs to develop social networks with community organizations and clubs; 
  • Identifying and participating in activities that provide purpose and responsibility; 
  • Building and maintaining relationships and social networks that provide friendship and support;
  • Participating in community opportunities related to the development of hobbies or leisure/cultural interests or to promote personal health and wellness (e.g. yoga class, hiking group, walking group, volley ball, etc.);
  • Engaging in community adult learning opportunities; 
  • Participating in in formal/informal associations or community/neighborhood groups; 
  • Selecting and participating in volunteer opportunities; 
  • Seizing on opportunities focused on training and education for self-determination and self-advocacy;
  • Learning to navigate the local community, including using public transportation and/or private transportation and other transportation options available in the local area; 
  • Developing and/or maintaining reciprocal relationships with members of the broader community;

We sponsor recreational activities and special events throughout the year. The focus is on fun, fitness, socialization and involvement in our community. You can participate in Community Living sponsored events, teams or clubs, as well as in community recreation, leisure and social activities.  Opportunities are made possible through the support of our awesome volunteers and local community groups.

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Community Living Sarnia-Lambton’s employment model has been shared and adopted by other communities across Ontario and even internationally.

Vision: A community where everyone is valued and can participate.

Volunteers are the bridge between the community and the services that we provide

Community Living Sarnia-Lambton has grown to support more than 400 children and adults with developmental and intellectual challenges.